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September 2021. Inspired by #SelfCareSeptember, we have been asking our experienced yoga instructors all about their specialist areas, and how yoga can improve your body and mind.

Influenced by #SelfCareSeptember, we have been asking our experienced yoga instructors all about their specialist areas, and how yoga can improve your body and mind.

Hatha Yoga

Mondays 10-11.30am Penwortham Leisure Centre

Our experienced instructor, Maliga Reynolds, focuses on combining a series of exercises which are carefully matched to breathing and movement to create a process of personal growth through a greater understanding of your own body. 

  • Yoga can instil a sense of balance between the mind and body. Therefore, practice of yoga helps us combine physical as well as mental calmness and well-being.
  • Many of us live busy lives and sitting and a less active lifestyle are causes of stress as well as ill-health. So any exercise helps, but yoga includes physical exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. All of this helps keep the body healthy and the mind relax and calm.
  • Isolation can cause depression so coming together as a group helps us to interact, socialize and make friends.
  • If you are committed and determined to stay healthy and reduce stress, then it's essential to allocate time for yourself. Once you are comfortable with the exercises and can do them safely you can practice yoga confidently at home.
  • Yoga aims at bringing the different bodily functions into perfect coordination so that they work for the good of the whole body. You don't have to be flexible to do yoga or any special experience needed. Flexibility will come with practice. Correct breathing can contribute to better health and fitness.


Dru Yoga

Friday 9.45-11.15 Bamber Bridge Leisure Centre

Saturday 10.45-11.45 Bamber Bridge Leisure Centre

Saturday 9-10 Penwortham Leisure Centre

Dru in Sanskrit means 'Still Point' therefore Dru Yoga through the flow of movement seeks the stillness within. Dru is classic yoga postures with the flow of T'ai Chi. The class is suitable for all levels of ability and experience. Each class ends with a guided mediation and focuses on what brings you peace, joy and love. Our highly qualified and experienced Yoga instructor, Janet Broughton kindly answers our questions about Dru Yoga.

  • How does Dru Yoga help with health and wellbeing? "Yoga works by balancing the body to create balance in mind and emotions. Our bodies are a ball of energy, and energy is like a fire, if a fire is not stoked then it will go out. So we will too if we give away our energy without replenishing, we are in danger of going out."
  • After a year of lockdowns, why is group exercise important? "A yoga class is a supportive environment. We work as a group, rejoicing in each other's achievements. Many people are put off joining a yoga class by the photographs they see of people in knots! As with any class, you are there to learn and not come in as the expert. Do try different forms of yoga until you find the one for you."
  • How can busy people make time in their week for self-care and wellness? "Even 10 minutes a day using breathing, meditation or simple yoga exercises will make a big difference. Making time is about self-worth, if you feel you haven't got time, it is because you are giving it away. If you are always rushing about, set a time in the day to just stop. Five minutes to start, and build up."

All fitness classes are available for members and non-members, visit our 'Book Now' page to get started!


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