Leyland Leisure Centre


Is the centre suitable for access by disabled users?

Yes – access to facility and the facility is all one level. Guide dogs are welcome within the leisure facility.

Is there car parking available?

Yes, a car park is available to the rear of the Centre which is free of charge. The car park at the front of the Centre has a maximum stay of 2 hours and is available to all customers of Leyland Leisure Centre

Do I have to be a member to use the leisure facilities?

No, you do not need to be a member to use Leyland Leisure Centre . Activities are available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis as well as value for money membership packages.

To book for activities, such as workout classes, racquet sports and hall bookings you simply need to become a Booking Member. This can be achieved by contacting reception via the telephone or during your visit to the leisure facility or simply on-line by downloading the Booking Customer Application Form and emailing the completed version to jenny.rigby@leisure.serco.com (Senior Duty Manager)

Are there lockers available?

Yes, swimming lockers accept £1 coins and the fitness and health suite lockers accept £1 coins and are returnable. There are coin locker keys to purchase at reception to ensure you will always have access to locker facilities each time you visit Leyland Leisure Centre

Can I buy clothing and equipment at the leisure centre?

Yes, Leyland Leisure Centre provides a range of products. Whether they are goggles, swim costumes, fun inflatable for the swimming pool; accessories for racquet sports or water bottles, towels, kit bags for the fitness suite there is a range available for you to view on our on-line retail shop available.
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I have never been to a gym before.

Consult your doctor
Book an appointment with a gym instructor
Wear appropriate clothing

Are the gym instructors qualified?

Yes, all gym instructors are qualified to a minimum of Focus Level 2 Fitness Instructor.